Liter -654060 2000mAh LiPo Battery used for Universal Remote

This Infinitely Customizable Universal Remote comes with a built-in Liter -654060 2000mAh LiPo Battery that lasts up to 10 days depending on the usage.

Fast charging with 20w, no messy cables,
Every station, website or device shows as a simple icon, just a click can easily find your favorite channel, function.

Traditional remotes only few Simple functions, You need an innovative wireless controller control all the digital devices in your life, turns traditional home appliances into smart home devices in seconds, combines all the functions of traditional remote controls into one, Seamlessly connecting multiple devices, to get a more convenient life, not just a natural evolution of home appliance convenience but is also part of the evolutionary history of human life,

This Infinitely Customizable Universal Remote works with not only entertainment audio and video equipment but also for smart home control, smart lighting, thermostats, smart home hubs and the most popular smart devices, All control and switching functions are simplified into a few clicks on the touchscreen, White, wood grain with a sharp, minimalist, contemporary look, durable and stylish.

just ONE click, you can Control a series of actions such as turning off the lights or drawing the curtain, and watching TV or playing a game, utilizes the most efficient method of signal transmission including IR, Bluetooth, and WLAN connection for reliable stability and seamless control.

Equipped with a wireless hub and featuring a powerful App, you can control your devices easily, includes full support for Alexa and Google Assistant, Free to enjoy intelligent voice control for many smart home devices.

Apple TV
Amazon FireTV
Bose and more…

Belkin Wemo
Osram and more…

Home Hubs:
Wink and more…


Nest and more…

Rechargeable 3.7V LiPo Batteries 2000mAh

Rechargeable 3.7V LiPo Batteries 2000mAh, Manufacturing Of Lithium Polymer Battery, Meet Your Different Needs by Assembling the Battery in Series and Parallel, Accept OEM & ODM orders.


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Small LiPo Battery LP191622 32mAh