200mAh LiPo Battery Liter -322424 used for Pocket Touchpad

200mAh LiPo Battery Liter -322424 used for Pocket Touchpad

Pocket Touchpad has excellent battery life; With just one charge, it lasts for 20 days, fully recharged within just 1.5 hours using a Type-C port USB.

With super lightweight and portable, it can Put it in your pocket and it can control all smart devices up to 10 meters away anywhere you go! Controls all your smart devices wirelessly with a single hand;
This Pocket Touchpad is used as lots of device such as air mouse, touchpad, presenter, laser pointer, and more; you can take it with you anywhere, no matter whether business meetings, live streaming, selfies, and whatever. It is the perfect remote control for any screen that you can imagine! Single compact controller satisfies your needs for entertainment and work, and streamlining your daily life with convenience and fun!

The Pocket Touchpad can control all smart devices wirelessly with just one touch, combining the functions of a wireless mouse, touchpad, laser presenter, and shortcut generator; it supports Mac, Windows, tablets, smartphones, smart TVs, and even vehicle screens.

Engaging their audience is Every good presenter’s key goal; you do not need to worry about a boring presentation; the built-in laser pointer makes your points clear while maintaining everyone’s attention and keeping the meeting lively! The exhibition will be exceptionally appealing and easy with Pocket Touchpad navigating the way.

Home is the most comfortable place for everyone; With Pocket Touchpad in hand, your home entertainment will be much fun and easy! You can control all smart devices even if you are tucked in your blanket, lying on the couch and doing nothing,

When following along to a workout video, anything you need is at your fingertips; customize shortcuts to combine your daily sets, reps, and resting time, and let Pocket Touchpad pause and play for you automatically, so you can put all your focus on content creation itself instead of tedious and time-consuming trips between devices!

Use Pocket Touchpad to Play the latest TikTok videos; it can be programmed to LIKE each video! Easily create a shortcut to take one or multiple pictures and share them on social media! Read any E-book with your hands free; it can page-flipping.

Pocket Touchpad has completed obtaining IEC 60825-1:2014 product classification; it has been tested as a class 3R laser product according to IEC 60825-1:2014 standard; it also applied for U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval with product classification of RFO.



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