Curved LiPo Batteries

We have enough experience on making these Curved Circulated LiPo batteries and keep the good performance of capacity, working voltage and safety. A custom battery solution is also available.custom Special Shape LiPo Batteries also can be provided for your mechanical design.

Curved LiPo Batteries


Curved LiPo Batteries Feature:

1. Curved compact LiPo Battery shape

2. High operating voltage (3.7V average, 4.2 volts peak)

3. High density energy but light weight.

4. Safe with Japan IC+Mos, overdischarge/ overcharge detection

5. Durability and reliability, keep 75%~80%capacity after 500 life cycles

6. Extended polymer LiPo battery life, lower self-discharge(only 3%-5% per month)

7. Custom dimensions, capacity for your special wearable design.

More and more products have become flexible, and as an essential accessory, LiPo Batteries also need to be flexible.
In 2015, the flexible LiPo Batteries market was still tiny, only 50 million US dollars, but it is expected to reach the market of 617 million US dollars by 2020, the growth rate is always speedy. Because no matter what kind of electronic products, it can not bypass LiPo Batteries
Among the providers of flexible batteries, Samsung and LG have their plastic LiPo Batteries parts.
Samsung’s flexible LiPo Batteries are called Samsung SDI. It is now a foldable 210mAh LiPo Batteries, which is mostly used in wearable devices. The thickness of the LiPo Batteries themselves can be 0.3 mm thick and can be carried on the wrist of a person. 5 Ten thousand times of bending and folding, and without any failure, so the reliability of these LiPo Batteries is still very high.
A particularly significant advantage for companies like Samsung is that it has already achieved mass production of advanced technology. It is something that our industrial developers cannot ignore and must pay attention to Only advanced technology is useless. If you cannot achieve high-quality, stable mass production, advanced technology cannot be pushed to society.
LG Company:
LG has a product called LG Chem, which means LG Chemical. LiPo Batteries are particularly impressive. It is a hexagonal LiPo Battery that can reach 2500 mAh. In other words, it can even power a mobile phone. It also has another LiPo Battery called a ribbon, which wraps the LiPo Battery in something like a shoelace and knots it. It can still be used. So you see, LG also has its characteristics.
It also has its LiPo Battery, and its LiPo battery power supply is not abundant, from 17.5mAh to 60mAh, which is still some distance away from Samsung, but there is no problem with wearable.
Startups for flexible LiPo Batteries:
BrightVolt Company-
Founded in Florida in 1998, it has received more than $80 million in financing. What is done is a small LiPo Battery of 14-35mAh.
Imprint Energy-
The critical point is to talk about this company. It was founded in California in 2010 and has so far received $15 million in investment, marking it is not now from maturity. It is worth noting that this company was founded by a great Chinese scientist Christine Ho and is a graduate of Berkeley.
Each product has an R&D cycle of 5-8 years, and it has now passed six years.
In 2015, it was rated as one of the 50 smartest companies in the world by MIT Technology Review.
In 2016, the CEO was rated by the MIT Technology Review as 35 outstanding talents under the age of 35 in the world.
So although this company has not been able to mass-produce, it is not far from mass-production.
Blue Spark Technologies-
Founded in Ohio in 2003, it has already invested more than 20 million yuan. It is characterized by the technology obtained from daily use dry LiPo Battery manufacturers and then made into commercialization.
TempTraq products: One of the most accessible areas for flexible electronics is to stick it on children for continuous temperature monitoring. If the child attaches this device, it will continue to monitor the temperature of the child and send the report to your mobile app If you set an alarm function and your child has a fever in the middle of the night, the phone will wake you up.
If the traditional enterprise is too traditional, if you want to incubate an innovative enterprise, the whole mechanism cannot be supported, so it is best to turn it into an external startup company. Blue Spark Technologies has chosen to do so.
TempTraq can detect children’s body temperature
Enfucell Company-
It was founded in Finland in 2012 and now has more than 300,000 US dollars in crowdfunding. It has many technical indicators that are still very popular with everyone. You can also pay attention to it. From a global perspective, there are four major parts of the flexible electronic region, of which the display and the sensor are the leading ones, and the other two parts of the battery and the printed circuit board cooperate to form a market. There is a lot of room for development in the future, especially in the next year, there will be a lot of products that everyone can perceive, so it is very worthy of attention.

Shaped and Curved LiPo Batteries

Liter energy battery is leading the LiPo battery industry with high energy density. High energy density means more energy can be stored in the same unit volume of battery. This reduces the size of the LiPo battery and hence size of the product incorporating it. LiPo Batteries utilizes high grade raw materials, intelligent LiPo battery cell design and precise manufacturing processes to achieve the industry leading high energy density.


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