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Liter energy battery For Consumer Electronics

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Liter energy battery For Consumer Electronics

The smart consumer products are taking center stage compared to purely mechanical devices and simple electronic products, But the power required from microcontrollers, sensors, and other components that make these devices “smart”, means that LiPo batteries are key considerations in design.

Also, the size and the need for portability of a wearable product’s design constrains its LiPo battery choice. Yet at the same time, the device’s power requirements also drive the battery form factor. Consumers’ demand for smaller, thinner products with longer LiPo batteries life will continue to keep product design engineers and hardware engineers busy!

Multi-cell battery packs are often a collection of cylindrical cells encased in rigid housing, and they come in a bunch of standard sizes. You can link multiple cells together for higher charge capacity. Use multi-cell battery packs when you need high charge capacity, and your product has space to spare. Examples of consumer electronics products that use multi-cell batteries are power tools, mobile power banks, robotic vacuums, and most point and shoot digital cameras.

LiPo batteries offer the greatest design flexibility for wearables. They’re slim, rechargeable, slightly flexible, and easy to get in a custom size. The variety of sizes available also means they are highly compatible with many form factors, making LiPo batteries the easiest to adapt to your design. However, the battery isn’t intended to be user-replaceable because the pouch is easily damaged, so it needs to be well protected by the device housing.

Coin cell LiPo batteries are very useful if your device needs to be very compact and requires low power draw. These come in a wide range that may employ different chemistries, including lithium, alkaline, zinc-air, and others. Unlike lithium ion (multi-cell battery packs) and lithium polymer (pouch cells), coin cell batteries are non-rechargeable. The user will either replace the battery or dispose of the device after the battery life has been depleted.

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