Liter -602040 450mAh LiPo Battery used for Smallest Voice Recorder

With a 450mAh LiPo Battery capacity, Liter -602040 LiPo Battery fit perfectly within this Recorder device; you can enjoy 24 hours of continuous recording and up to 50 days of standby just with one single charge.

Never miss an important moment again!

Record conversations while remaining unnoticed, this ultra-compact and portable professional voice recorder substantially empower your recording capabilities, allowing you to discreetly capture crystal-clear audio anytime and anywhere, with enhanced noise cancellation, ultra-long battery life, and abundant memory.

1536 kbps DVD Quality microphone, highly sensitive microphones start recording when sounds are detected, skipping long silences and saving you from spending time searching for specific audio segments while greatly extending battery life.

This portable device easily fits into your pocket or wallet, collar or any other magnetic surface, it transforms the traditionally bulky voice recorder into an ultra-slim, provides transfer speeds twice as fast as conventional TF cards and NAND flash storage, saving you twice as much time as everyone else!

Remote control and auto-record with a carrying case, it is super slim and portable, with a dimension of 6*2.7*0.4 inches, almost equivalent to an iPhone 14 Pro size, and is lightweight at only 100g.

To make our contribution to a greener and better planet earth, we built with an environmentally friendly mind, not like most consumer electronics; our package is plastic free.

Liter -602040 450mAh LiPo Battery

Rechargeable 3.7V LiPo Batteries 400mAh

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Small LiPo Battery LP191622 32mAh Application

Small LiPo Battery LP191622 32mAh