124770 5000mAh 3.7V Rechargeable LiPo Batteries Manufacturer

With PCM & wires 50mm

ModelLiter124770 5000mAh 3.7V Rechargeable LiPo Batteries Manufacturer
TypeRechargeable LiPo battery
Net Weight100 g
DetailProtection circuit&50mm wires
Dimension12.0mm* 47mm* 71mm

Liter124770 5000mAh 3.7V Rechargeable LiPo Batteries Manufacturer

3.7V Reliable Leading Rechargeable LiPo Batteries Manufacturer, Best Rechargeable LiPo Batteries manufacturer with over 30 Years LiPo Battery Exporter.

Lithium-ion Batteries and lithium-polymer Batteries are getting more popular in modern consumer electronics, Liter energy battery manufacturers offer both lithium-ion batteries and lithium-polymer batteries.

LiPo Batteries also named Liter energy battery, Li-polymer battery, Lithium polymer battery, Liter energy battery, We sell all kinds of rechargeable lipo batteries, such as Cylindrical Lithium polymer batteries, Round Lithium polymer batteries, Special Lithium polymer batteries, Ultra-thin Lithium polymer batteries, RC Lithium polymer battery, 3.7V Lithium polymer, Flat Lithium polymer batteries, Standard LiPo Batteries, Micro Lithium polymer batteries, rechargeable Lithium polymer batteries, etc.

Lithium-ion batteries also named Li-ion Battery, Liter energy battery Manufacturer Supply kinds of Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, such as Lithium-Ion Battery Liter18650(diameter 18mm, length 65mm), Lithium-Ion Battery Liter26650(diameter 26mm, length 65mm),  Lithium-Ion Battery Liter21700(diameter 21mm, length 70mm), Micro Lithium-Ion Batteries (diameter 4mm, length 4mm).

We design and manufacture custom Lithium Polymer Batteries packs to customers’ specifications. If you need a specific Lithium Polymer Batteries pack, we can advise the best possible solution, Customized Your Lithium Polymer Batteries in Any Size, Capacity, and Shape, Meet Your Different Needs by Assembling the Lithium Polymer Battery in Series and Parallel.

3.7V Hot Selling Multipurpose Rechargeable LiPo Batteries with fast Global shipping, Choosing a good lipo battery for medical equipment, Liter124770 5000mAh 3.7V Rechargeable LiPo Batteries Manufacturer

This battery has a capacity of 5000mAh for a total of about 18.50Wh. If you need a larger capacity with LiPo Batteries, we also have other 5000mAh+ LiPo Batteries.

Also, you can choose the connector that you need to add with the LiPo Batteries, The connectors we use are mainly from three famous brands” Molex”, “JST” and “Hirose”. All LiPo Batteries connectors from Molex or JST are available to add to our LiPo Batteries with the custom length of wires, wire sequence & wire colors. You can browse the following page to select the connectors you want.

Choose the suitable LiPo Batteries connector for your LiPo Batteries

The included protection circuitry keeps the battery voltage from going too high (over-charging) or low (over-use) which means that the LiPo Batteries will cut out when completely dead at 3.0V. It will also protect against output shorts. However, even with this protection, it is very important that you only use a LiIon/LiPo constant-voltage/constant-current charger to recharge them and at a rate of 0.5C or less.

Like most LiPo batteries we sell do not have thermistors built-in. This is why we suggest charging at 1/2C or even less in this case which is how much you can get from a USB port.

Additional safety notes: Do not use a NiMH/NiCad/lead-acid charger! Also, do not abuse these LiPo batteries, do not short, bend, crush or puncture. Never charge or use unattended. Always inspect LiPo batteries and surrounding circuitry constantly for any damage, loose wiring, or the possibility of short circuits. Polarity matches all Adafruit LiPo/LiIon chargers and boards, other brands may have reverse polarity and can destroy your battery. As with all LiPo batteries and with any power source – they should be used by experts who are comfortable working with power supplies.

Caution! – LiPo Batteries
In order to prevent the LiPo Battery from possibly occurring leaks, overheating, swollen, please note the preventive measure.
Handling Precautions and Guideline:
When charge please select the LiPo Battery special battery charger.
Strictly prohibits inverting the cathode use LiPo Battery.
Strictly prohibits directly connecting LiPo Battery to power source plug
Please do not throw the LiPo Battery into water or put it into the heater
Strictly prohibits plunging the LiPo Battery in seawater or water, when LiPo Battery does not use, please store LiPo Battery in a cool-dry environment.
The prohibition in strong static electricity and strong magnetic field place use otherwise is easy to destroy the LiPo Battery PCBA
The prohibition puts the LiPo Battery nearby the hot high-temperature source, like the fire, the heater, and so on use and leaves alone
The prohibition directly connects the LiPo Battery cathode with the metal to short-circuit.
The prohibition rap or throws, steps on the LiPo Battery and soon
Forbids directly to weld the LiPo Battery and pierces the LiPo Battery with the nail or other sharp weapons
If the LiPo Battery sends out an unusual smell, gives off heat, the distortion or appears any exceptionally, immediately moves the LiPo Battery from the installment or the LiPo Battery charger to and stops using
If the LiPo Battery occurs leaks, the electrolyte enters the eye, please do not have to rub scratches, the application clear water flushing eye and delivers the medical treatment otherwise to be able immediately to injure the eye
When LiPo Battery long-term storage, or assembly in the host, suggest customer should take every 6months to carry on one-time charge and discharge and recharge it to half charged state (3.7-3.9V)(the method: 0.2CmA charge and discharge)
Abandon the LiPo Battery to wrap up the electrode using the insulating paper, prevented the LiPo Battery from short-circuits
Do not decompose the LiPo Battery
Keep small LiPo cells and LiPo Batteries which are considered swallowable out of the reach of children
Swallowing may lead to burns, perforation of soft tissue, and death. Severe burns can occur within 2 h of ingestion
In case of ingestion of a LiPo cell or LiPo Battery, seek medical assistance promptly.

Application with LP555870 2900mAh Standard LiPo Battery

Certificated Rechargeable LiPo Batteries OEM Factory Supply, Accept Small Sample Order & Custom Dimensions, Accept OEM & ODM orders.

LP555870 2900mAh Standard LiPo Battery with connector FPCB

Rechargeable LiPo Batteries With High Quality, High Standards LiPo Batteries already authorized with ISO Certified, With Over 30 Years LiPo Batteries Export.

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Liter -124770 5000mAh 3.7V Rechargeable LiPo Batteries Manufacturer

3.7V LiPo Batteries 5000mAh

LiPo Batteries 5000mAh

30 Years Battery Expert, Competitive Price with High Quality, Factory Price with Low MOQ, Assemble with kinds of connectors and PCM, Fast Global Shipping With UPS/ DHL shipping method, Flexible Dimensions High Energy Density, Accept small sample orders & custom dimensions.

Rechargeable 3.7V LiPo Batteries 5000mAh

Rechargeable 3.7V LiPo Batteries 5000mAh, Manufacturing Of Lithium Polymer Battery, Meet Your Different Needs by Assembling the Battery in Series and Parallel, Accept OEM & ODM orders.